Message to Those So-Called Christians Who Were Left Behind at the Rapture 歓喜で取り残されたいわゆるクリスチャンの方々へのメッセージ

To Tribulation Saints:

This website is dedicated to the Christians who are left behind after the rapture of the Church Saints occurs. It allows for free discussion among all Tribulation Saints. Feel free to leave any comments, questions, thoughts, opinions, plans, suggestions, requests to get together with others, time and place of meetings, free Skype video phone conference plans, research results, sharing of documents and materials, Petra Jordan evacuation and preparation destination details, etc.

To 144,000 Hebrew Remnant:

Please click on the link for the “144,000 Hebrew Remnant Online Church” in the top menu of this website for information on your End Times mission from God, biblical teachings, how to lead the Tribulation Saints back to the proper teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and Almighty God YHWH which had been perverted by the Christian churches of Babylonian Satanism, helpful links and materials, knowledge that you will need to be equipped with in order to lead the Tribulation Saints who will come to Jesus Christ during the tribulation age persecution, etc.




Dear Tribulation Saints,


You are coming to this website, because the rapture has occurred on the Feast of Trumpets between October 2, 2016 and October 3, 2016 and October 4, 2016, and you want to know why you were left behind.


You have been left behind at the rapture because you would not accept God’s Torah Truth who is Jesus Christ, and His Word, and His precepts. Instead, you have followed after the pride and selfishness and wickedness of your own hearts by following after the wicked religious leaders and minsters and pastors who adherents to the Illuminati Satanist Mystery Babylon Religion seminary teachings and theologies. The more pastors and ministers and religious leaders and Pharisees there are, the greater the sin in society there is. It is because the Christians are misled to the wicked desires of their hearts and to the deceptive Christianity teachings of Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels. They are not the light of the world, but they are participants in Satan’s world. They live and think and act as the heathens and pagans do. The Holy Spirit who was in the Church Saints who were the Bride of Christ is now taken out of the earth. Now, Satan and his Anti-Christ Beast Barack Obama are allowed to appear into the world scene to fulfill the things that must still come.


Now, you must give up your evil ways, repent of your sins, and return to our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to the 144,000 Hebrew Remnant who God has chosen to lead you. The 144,000 Hebrew Remnant have the Holy Spirit, and they belong to a different dimension from your third dimension, so they cannot be harmed. They know they must preach to you the Tribulation Saints, and be raptured out of this earth before the final three and a half years Great Tribulation Age of God’s wrath and judgment upon this earth, which begin at the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation in the Temple of God in Jerusalem. Listen to the 144,000 Hebrew Remnant well, and those who persevere to martyrdom will gain eternal life in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven Almighty God YHWH.


Return to the Lord your God for He is merciful and loving.




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